Campus Video Solution
Distributed remote video monitoring at multiple sites, OPTIVISION’s IP video products can provide a complete solution for campus video systems.
Digital Home Solution
Providing the ability to manage virtually any device in the home, even when away, digital home technology places the control in the homeowners’ hands.
Retail Solution
OPTIVISION now offers total solution for retail industry that includes cameras, NVR, and video management system CMX.
Bank Solution
OPTIVISION is providing a complete solution from top to bottom for banking industry. Highly secured data storage with hot swappable RAID support ensures to deliver topnotch video quality at all times.
Central Monitoring Solution
Optivision is providing a cost-effective TV Wall application solution on 24” HDMI monitors via video decoders.
Low Bandwidth Mode
Since IP surveillance videos consume most bandwidth space and affect daily internal MIS system operations, therefore, video management has been becoming a huge challenge to send videos via Internet in low bandwidth condition.
ANPR License Plate Recognition
In conjunction with high resolution IP cameras, access control system, Optivision provides the best-of-breed total ANPR solutions to read vehicle registration plates.
Hotel Solution
Optivision video management system solution provides services for hotel business including daily video surveillance, employee training aide, vehicle traffic control, average daily customer flow, and hotel security system.

Optivision is an engineering and product development based manufacturer of telecommunications network components, servicing the traditional CATV MSO’s (Cable Television Multiple System Operators) and impoter of CCTV Product and other security product. The core business was developed in the India and remains there, while an aggressive global marketing plan has been developed and put into place to keep pace with the ever-expanding marketplace.

The Company’s principal business is to develop, produce, and refine products only of the highest quality, exceptional functionality, and application based solutions that apply in an ever-changing technological marketplace. The Company has continually upgraded engineering and manufacturing processes to increase productivity and overall profitability and meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.

The Company is currently supplying existing products to the fifty largest CATV products that have evolved over the last fifteen years. Many of these products are being marketed in their original form to satisfy ongoing needs, while other products have been revised and retooled to adapt to new technology applications. New product development has been focused on fiber optic based product solutions as the industry deploys fiber optic cable and attachments throughout its networks. The Company’s presence in the fiber optic product solution arena has allowed the Company to become an end-to-end bundled solution communications product supplier and integrator rather than a component manufacturer provider.