FTTH OV-9091-A
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Optical :-
Wavelength : 1280-1600nm
Optical input : (+2~ -5dbm).
Optical connector : SC/APC.
Frequency : 40-900MHz Bandwidth.
RF output level @ 0dBm : 65db.
High linearty Photo Pin Diode.
No power required.
Light weight.

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Optivision Model no.9091-A is FTTH (Fiber-to-thehome) Aluminium optical receiver with 1 output. It is designed for FTTH purpose and has no power required. The FTTH node is constructed with high quality components to enable it to meet or exceed its performance specifications over a wide temp. r a n g e i n a n u n c o n t r o l e n vi r o n m e n t . The RF output of this FTTH node is 65db @ 0dbm optical input hence it’s work on +2dbm to -7dbm. There high linearty Photo PIN Diode have high performance, for small and Big networks.

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