Transmitter and EDFA
Node cum transmitter – 4050
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Optical :-
Wavelength : 1310nm
Optical Output : 10dBm (10mw).
Optical Input : +2dbm ~ -5dbm.
Optical connector : SC/APC.
High Quality DFB Fresh Laser.
Frequency : 40-900MHz Bandwidth.
RF Output level @ 0dbm : 85db.
Low noise mm IC Amplifier.
MGC control.
Excellent C/N, CSO & CTB.
12VDC power supply.

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Optivision Model no.4050 is Optical Transmitter cum optical receiver. Its give both RF as well as optical output.The Transmitter function in this model is designed to give 10dbm optical output where network have only lower optical there. This model is economical for small and big networks. The transmission of optic signal at 1310nm and (optional)1550nm for carry multi analog and digital channels CATV transmission.This optivision transmitter have MGC (manual gain control) for easy to handle RF input signal. The optivision transmitter is constructed with SMD technology to give high quality enable it to meet or exceed its performance. Its is operated with 12VDC power supply and have very low power consumption.

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